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Calibration Services

What we do for our clients

Keeping your flow, pressure, temperature, and level measurement instrumentation inspected, tested, adjusted and calibrated so that they track to specification is essential to realizing Process Control System efficiency and safety. Keeping your system in peak condition is critical toward maintaining the environment and sustainability.

KBL offers a broad spectrum of calibration services to keep your systems operating smoothly and as specified.

Skilled and experienced Calibration Technicians meticulously apply the appropriate test apparatus to insure the certified results you require. KBL maintains a large inventory and investment in calibration instrumentation infrastructure. KBL Calibration Technicians have world class experience and expertise to serve your needs.


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KBL has an in-house team of PE's, specialists and electrical, mechanical, software, design, and networking engineers ready to serve your project requirements.

Professional systems integration services require a depth of specialized training and experience. It is reassuring to our clients to know that all facets of their project needs are being addressed at a single location without the need to outsource.


HMI Programming Services

HMI (Human Machine Interface) graphics development for SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) requires an intuitive understanding of the process and respect and consideration for the plant operator. If the HMI is going to depict intelligently the control process variables, the window on that process should be a useful and meaningful tool.


KBL has wealth of experience in bringing the field processes to life through advanced animation and 3D graphics techniques. KBL HMI graphics packages are considered to be "World Class", both by clients and by SCADA software providers. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

UL Panel Manufacturing Services

Electrical Control Panel design and fabrication, to the UL standard, is key to providing our customers interface functionality between the primary field instruments and the system operator. Control system layout, spacing, wiring, labeling and testing are important aspects of custom panel construction that affect quality, long range system reliability, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Our large facility enables us to store, manufacture, and test hundreds of control panels in a safe, clean, and air conditioned environment to UL 508A UL standards if required.

Customer witnessed testing is done in a comfortable and orderly environment, that facilitates and reinforces quality assurance. Detailed system documentation and a custom AutoCAD Systems drawing package are available for each project panel. After control panels are programmed and stringently tested using simulation routines as required, they are ready for shipment to the job site and installation. KBL Associates trained technicians and installers are available for on-site panel installation, field wiring and start up.